Reviewing candles from the largest candle company on the planet: The Yankee candle Co.

We’re taking a look at the largest candle manufacturer in the world Yankee candle co. I had never purchased one of there candles before, but had heard and read several mixed reviews. I decided the best way to see what all the fuss was about was to head to Walmart and grab a couple.

First thing I noticed is the frosted looking wax, which is a dreadful sin according to most chandlers, but most customers don’t really seem to care or even notice. Second thing I noticed is the packaging which isn’t the worst ever but, also isn’t anything memorable. Same with the candle names mostly just generic scent descriptions. The cold throw wasn’t as strong as I expected. Out of all the candles I smelled the lavender and oak was by far my favorite scent, but it wasn’t as strong as I would have liked either. I ended up picking Sicilian lemon, which kind of reminded me of lemonheads candy, but it had the strongest cold throw so that’s what I went with.

After 2 hours of burning the candle in my bedroom  the scent was only noticeable within about 6-7 feet, which is a little surprising for a 100% paraffin wax candle. Although this candle wasn’t blowing me away by any means I was pleasantly surprised by how clean it burned. I let the candle continue burning for 3 and a half hours, and it did not produce any noticeable soot, the flame was still the correct size, and under control, but It also didn’t reach a full melt pool which initially led me to believe it may be slightly under wicked.

For my second burn I moved the candle to my bathroom. It did perform better in the smaller space, It also continued to burn clean, and the flame remained under control even without me trimming the wick. On the Yankee candle website it states the burn time is 110-115 hrs which seems accurate considering after two 3 and a half hour burns the wax level barely even moved. Although it didn’t reach a full melt pool on the first burn, it did on the second.

Candle rating: packaging 4.5/10

                         fragrance 5/10

                         fragrance throw 5/10

                         clean burn 8/10

                          burn time 10/10

                          value 10/10

I’m not a fan of there packaging, but that’s completely objective, and you may love it. As mentioned earlier I would prefer a stronger cold throw. Although the candle wasn’t able to fill my bedroom which is rather large, it did well in my average sized bathroom. As for the fragrance itself it wasn’t that great, but again I only chose Sicilian lemon because I felt like it would have a stronger throw than some of the other scents, which I thought were better. The candle did burn clean, and didn’t produce any noticeable soot on the first two burns. On the third burn it produced soot immediately, but that was easily corrected when I blew out the candle trimmed the wick, and relit it. It is a slow burning candle considering that most 22 ounce candles are double or triple wicked which of course usually results in a faster burn. For less than $1 a ounce Yankee candles are very easy on your pockets. In conclusion my overall impression of my first Yankee candle was not bad. Overall I rate my Yankee candle 7.1 out of 10.



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